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OLTREX - KV S.r.l.

Oltrex by KV Group: professionals of the Carnival of Venice

Founded in 1972 and acquired by KV Group in 2016, OLTREX has long been among the most important incoming tour operators in the Venice area. We operate in Venice with three permanent offices in strategic areas of the city: Maritime Station, VEGA Science and Technology Park , Venice Airport.

Some 40,000 customers worldwide trust us during their leisure or business stay in Venice: They want to be supported, guided, helped. We are there to leave them just with the pleasant side of their holiday. Oltrex provides customers with the service of qualified staff that help them discover Venice and its wonders, with the ability that 40 years of experience can guarantee.

Oltrex - KV Srl has for many years been the reference point for all large public events of international importance as the Redentore, the Film Festival (Mostra del Cinema), the Historical Regatta, the Venice Biennale, the Venice Marathon but particularly the Venice Carnival, one of the most renowned carnivals in the world.