5 things that all the Venice Carnival balls have in common

Doge, Tiepolo, Carnival In Love, Mascheranda, Extravaganza, Minuets and other balls. What do they have in common?
The parties of the Carnival are very different from each other, the proposal is so varied that anyone can find its ideal event depending on whether he looks for poetry, romance, fun, transgression, history or gourmet events. Great variety, therefore, but with some features in common that in fact represent the trademarks of the Venice Carnival at the palace. The costume balls in the astonishing buildings of Venice are the hidden face of the most elegant...

The Carnival at St. Mark's Square

The Venice Carnival main events of the tradition: check the programme!
St. Mark's Square during the Carnival of Venice is home of the main outdoor public events: The Feast of the Marie (Festa delle Marie), the Flight of the Angel, the great masquerade parades and the historical reenactments. Among exclusive dances at the palace and receptions in costume, Carnival of Venice is also a  full immersion into the crowd. The Carnival is a popular event that involves every district of Venice and has its beginning...

Flight of the Angel 2017: the star is Claudia Marchiori

The winner of the contest Maria of the Carnival of Venice 2016
Flight of the Angel, Carnival of Venice 2017: Claudia Marchiori, student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, the protagonist in Piazza San Marco. The Flight of the Angel is probably the most important public event of the Carnival of Venice, for sure the most participated, photographed, covered by the international media. The 2017 edition, scheduled for Sunday, February 19th at noon, will feature the young Claudia Marchiori, 22 year old from Favaro...

Rent your costume

The most beautiful costumes for your parties at the Venice Carnival
Rent your Venice Carnival costume with us! Living the Carnival in historical costume is the best way to be the protagonist of this spectacular widespread event. Thanks to our atelier you can rent your high quality costume just with € 300. Be protagonist of the most glamorous Carnival in the world! Oltrex by KV Group has joined a partnership with one of the best atelier of historical costumes in Venice....

Paulicio Anafesto, the first Doge

Between history and legend, here's what we know about the first chief of Venice
The figure of the first doge, Paulicio Anafesto, is surrounded by legend. The information concerning this figure are scarce, without certain historical documents and sometimes contradictory, but they are important because they convey key aspects of an era - between 700 and 800 - where the Byzantine official power had to confront with the pressures of the Longobards, the Roman church and the territorial claims of the first Venetian inhabitants. Among the certainty,...

Programme of the Carnival of Venice 2017

The great events of the tradition, the best parties in palaces
The Venice Carnival 2017 program is a concentration of great events of the tradition, costume parties in historic palaces, initiatives in theaters, clubs, "calli e campielli" (the small alleys and square of Venice). The Flight of the Angel, the Doge’s Ball, the Feast of the Maria and the Tiepolo Ball, the great masked parades and the astonishing parties in palaces that combine costumed dances and fine food. The Carnival of Venice...
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