Between taste and masks: a gourmet Carnival to be enjoyed at the Grand Theatre

The Grand Theatre at Piazza San Marco hosts major program events of Venice Carnival: from the Angel's Flight to the big carnival parades, the Festa delle Marie shows on Mardi Gras. You can watch the shows from the ground floor, for a full interaction with actors, masks and characters, or from the exclusive heated side boxes.

Every day, at the time of lunch (13:00 to 15:00) and dinner (19:00), the side boxes of the Grand Theatre are transformed in the most exclusive temporary restaurant in Venice.

The menu, run from the restaurants "Ai do campanili" and " Locanda Zanella" (two cult venues in Venice), interprets traditional Venetian dishes in a modern style. The ingredients are typical local vegetables, meat and especially selected fresh fish from the Adriatic see.

Five menus that interpret five characters, five masks of the carnival tradition recognized in Italy and in the World. A real gourmet experience at Venice Carnival!

Arlecchino menu
Duet of sardines and prawns "in saor " ( venetian-style with onion and pine nuts )
Black Spaghetti with squids
Frittelle and Galani (Carnival special sweets )

Balanzone menu
Potatoes flan flavored of truffle with Asiago sweet cheese fondue
Chicken "Torcellana-style " with venetian vegetables and herb-beer
Tiramisù ( a layered dessert with mascarpone cream )

Pantalone menu
Squidfish with sauce of Borlotti beans
"Bigoli in Salsa " ( Bucatini noodles with anchovies sauce and onion )
Stockfish with white polenta
Venetians biscuits with zabaglione cream

Colombina menu
Salat with little prawns on artichoke heart and Sweet Corn cream
Millefeuilles of stockfisch puree on pumpkin cream
Potatoes gnocchi with "granseola " crab
Monkfish medallions clad with bacon on Spinach first leaf
Three-chocolates mousse with coulis of raspberry

Pulcinella menu
Beef carpaccio with marinated " Radicchio di Treviso " and Montasio cheese
Potatoes flan flavored of truffle on sweet Asiago cheese fondue
Big- Spaghetti with duck ragout
Venetian-style liver
Three-chocolates mousse with coulis of raspberry

All menus exclude drinks and wine