Balls at Venice Carnival 2016

The most sought-after parties of Venice Carnival are those that take place in the palaces , rich furnishings and atmosphere of a time that seems to have stopped, suitable environments to evoke the magic of sumptuous gala and refined, the magnificent masquerade balls.

Timetables of parties 2016!

30 January: Dancing Chocolate
30 January: Minuetto
31 January: Cotillon
2 February: Cotillon
3 February: Step by Step
4 February: Ballo Tiepolo - Grand Ball of Carnival
5 February: Dancing Chocolate
5 February: Minuetto at the Ridotto
6 February: Il Ballo del Doge
6 February: Cotillon
6 February: Carnival Dream
6 February: Minuetto
7 February: Dancing Chocolate
8 February: Cotillon
9 February: Last waltz in Venice

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