The gondola ferry

In addition to the four bridges over the Grand Canal, there is another way to cross the water from side to side: take a gondola ferry.A bigger gondola is employed for this service, the "gondolone", more capacious and moved by two rowers, one at the stern and the other at the bow.The pace of strokes is somewhat energic, because rowers need to cut across the way of the other boats (especially motor) as quickly as possible. Passengers are usually standing,...

The bow of Gondolas

That strange iron piece found at the bow of every gondola is meant for embellishment and protection.The comb represents the six districts of Venice, the back tooth is the Giudecca island, the top curve stands for the Doge's hat, while the "S" that goes from the top to the lowest point is the Grand Canal, with the arch-shape over the higher tooth meaning Rialto Bridge.

The Gondola with Felze

The most intimate way to experience the Carnival of Venice
Alcove, shelter or floating lounge, the "felze" has largely contributed to the myth of Venice as a libertine city. First, simple drape on a wooden frame, then proper cabin, it had a valuable role in protecting and hiding the passengers and the meetings of forbidden love.The external decoration was carvers' job, while the inner part was done by upholsterers (from the seventeenth century the structure was covered by the socalled "rascia", a black...
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